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Election Results Are In !

8 June 2017 (by j.rosano)

Well, our Eldwick Primary Results

Today KS 2 children took part in our Election Day.

This week Year 5 have been busy finding out all about the Election and political parties. They have researched the manifestos and produced their own rosettes and posters. They then canvassed for votes across the KS 2 year groups.

Today all the KS 2 children visited our Polling Station here in school and placed their vote.

The votes have been counted and verified and the results for Eldwick Primary School are:

Labour - 102
Green Party - 57
Conservative - 50
Liberal Democrats -14
Spoilt Papers - 6

The children have enjoyed the day and found it really interesting. They will be analysing the results with lots of maths work now. Please have a look on the school website for some photographs of the day.