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11 October 2017 (by j.rosano)

See schedule attached to this link.

Here at Eldwick Primary, providing support for all of our families is a priority and I am always exploring different ways in which we can do this. I am pleased to offer access to a brand new group created with parents and carers specific needs in mind. Seba Thomson, of Spring CPT will host the groups and she will be covering particular topics at each of the sessions, take a look at the schedule below for details. Everyone is welcome to come along. The sessions are free and take place here at Eldwick Primary and local schools in our area. I will be attending some of the sessions at the other schools and I am happy to provide lifts. Wednesdays, 9am for a 9.30am start to 10.30am: You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you wish and to attend any venue too! Bring a friend along! To help us cater for numbers: Please contact: Seba Thomson 07719751138 to book a place Sessions 18th October 2017 - Eldwick Primary - topic: Autistic Spectrum Condition 1st November - Saltaire Primary - topic: Sleep 8th November - Eldwick Primary - topic: Anger 15th November - Eldwick Primary - topic: Anxiety 22nd November - Eldwick Primary - topic: Divorce 29th November - Saltaire Primary - topic: Growth Mindset 6th December - Saltaire Primary - topic: Anxiety 13th December - Trinity All Saints - topic: Anger 10th January - Saltaire Primary - topic: Divorce 24th January - Eldwick Primary - topic: Sleep 7th February - Saltaire Primary - topic: Anger 14th February - Trinity All Saints - topic: Anxiety 21st February - Eldwick Primary - topic: Growth Mindset 28th February - Eldwick Primary - topic: Social Stories 7th March - Eldwick Primary - topic: Stress 14th March - Trinity All Saints - topic: ADHD 21st March - Trinity All Saints - topic: Autistic Spectrum Condition