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23 January 2018 (by j.rosano)

Our '10 in 10' Fundraising initiative!

We are raising funds for our very own Eldwick Primary School radio. The School Radio will benefit children and school in many ways:

- Inclusion
- Building Confidence
- Develop Speaking & Listening Skills
- Improving Literacy
- National Curriculum
- Giving students a voice and empowerment
- Teamwork

Setting up a school radio station is an expensive process but the good news is that the ESA will
match our fundraising ‘pound for pound’ and this is where you come in!

We are hoping our families will support this fabulous initiative and we want to raise the money for ourselves so that we can afford to have our own radio station here at school.

We are wanting every child in school to try and raise £10 in just 10 days by asking members of their family to sponsor them to complete 10 different challenges such as learning spellings or times tables, to washing the car or doing the housework.

The 10 day fundraising window commences on Friday 26th January and ends on Sunday 4th February 2018.

Money raised must be sent into school by Friday 9th February 2018 in a sealed envelope bearing the child’s name and class with the Sponsor Form with details of how the money was raised. Any pictures of your children completing their challenges would be welcomed too.

Please see the letter home for full details.

Please support the ’10 in 10’ campaign so that we can get Radio EPS broadcasting across the airwaves in the very near future.