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Bradford T & A School Awards Success!

19 March 2018 (by j.rosano)

Adult Learning Class Awarded!

We are delighted to tell you that our Adult Learning Class won the Community Involvement Award at the Bradford Telegraph & Argus School Awards last night. Mrs Rosano collected the award on behalf of the adult class. This is a fantastic achievement for everyone involved and a real example of the community coming together to make a difference. The Adult Learning class is currently covering Maths and is open to anyone in the Bingley area who has a child (or a connection to a child) at a local Bingley school. The class is FREE; no enrolment fees, no tuition fees, no exam fees! This is due to the generous funding provided by Bingley Grammar School and we are extremely grateful for their support. We are also incredibly lucky to have a fabulous adult tutor, Aliki Georgiou who delivers the class, creating a nurturing relaxed environment to ensure adults get the best from her sessions. If you are interested in the Maths class which runs every Tuesday during term time, 9am - 11am please contact Mrs Rosano. Well done to Mrs Rosano and everyone involved.