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Children in Need Day

15 November 2018 (by j.rosano)

Friday 16th November 2018

Children may wear non-uniform and, as in previous years, we will be encouraging a spotty theme. Pudsey Bear accessories can also be worn and we will charge children £1 for coming to school without school uniform.They will also receive (free) a
special edition ‘colour changing’ Pudsey Bear wristband! 

In addition to dressing up, we will be focusing on the, ‘Do Your Thing’ message which is associated with this year’s appeal. As it says on their website, ‘We’ve all got one. A thing we love doing, a thing we’ve always wanted to do or just a thing we could do. Whatever it is, when we do it, we can really make a difference.’ In recognition of this, all the children will be tasked with creating a badge to highlight the thing that they love doing, would want to do or can do and sharing these together.

If your child has PE on Friday, Children in Need day please can they come in their PE kit but they can wear a spotty top, tshirt, sweatshirt & Pudsey accessories.