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World Maths Day

6 March 2019 (by j.rosano)

Tuesday 12th March 2019

Children may wear anything maths themed: I know that lots of you will have already been thinking about the outfits your child will be wearing on this day. Your child does not need to come in a FULL outfit – however big or small you go is up to you! I know that some children would just like to decorate a cap with mathematical symbols, others would like to wear a football shirt with a number on and some may want to come dressed as a full piece of maths equipment - a clock, ruler or calculator have
already been suggested to me! However, there is absolutely no obligation to dress up.

For part of the day, the children in years 1 to 6 will be learning about money: where it comes from, what it can/should be used for, what to do to keep money safe and how to make money. The ESA have very kindly donated £10 to each class in the school. Within the classes in KS1 and KS2, the children will work in teams to come up with an idea to make money from their £10. e.g. using the £10 to buy products to then make and sell sandwiches in school at a profit. During the day, in their teams, the children will need to work out their expenditure (ensuring they don’t go over £10) and profit. They will then create a ‘pitch’ which they will present to the rest of their class. The team in each class with the winning pitch will be presented with a certificate and given the £10 cash in order to carry out their idea. Once the team have successfully carried out their project they will bring their profit back into school to be counted and celebrated. The profit will be either put back into school funds to benefit
all learners, donated to Comic Relief or to another charity of their choice. We appreciate that some of the children’s ideas may need some support