Eldwick Primary School

Progress Through Partnership


Our School Garden

Our School Garden is situated behind the tennis courts. We have also have a green house. Year groups have a raised bed in which they plant a variety of produce depending on the topic or theme of their learning.

The garden was re-located due to the building works so there is always lots to do there. If you are interested in helping with our garden do contact school.

Eldwick Hens

 Say hello to our Eldwick Hens! Our hens are different breeds:

  • Speckledy hens which lay brown eggs
  • White Star hens which lay white eggs
  • Legbar hens which lay blue eggs

Children learn how to look after them, collect their eggs and we run an "egg lottery" so children have an opportunity to bring home a newly laid egg. (Proceeds go towards the upkeep of the hens.)

A poultry expert vet is on hand to help and advise us and visits regularly to check the hens for us to ensure they are healthy and enjoying life at school.

Eldwick benefits in so many ways from having the hens. The cross-curricular opportunities are endless! Click here for A Chicken Story - find out how our chickens and hens enhance our curriculum!

Egg Lottery

The hens are steadily laying eggs. We hold an "Egg Lottery" - how eggs-citing! This makes it fair as to who takes the eggs home and also raise some funds for the upkeep of the hens.

When your child's class are looking after the hens, you will receive a text. This will ask for a voluntary donation to be sent in an envelope (50p would be great!) The envelopes will be placed in a box ready for the "Draw".  How many children get to take eggs home will depend on the number of eggs the hens lay. 

Keep checking this page for lots more information and photographs!