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BIG Walks to School

20 May 2019 (by j.rosano)

Take part in our BIG Walk s to school:

Join me for a BIG walk to school this week!

If you usually drive, why not park near to one of the starting points this week and walk with us?

Important, Parents/Carers: please note I am unable to supervise children walking to school. Please accompany your child as usual. If your child usually walks by themselves, they are welcome to join me but again, I am unable to supervise them.

I look forward to seeing you on the BIG walk!

Monday, 20th May


‘Roundabout’ where Swan Ave, Bewick Dr & Siegfrid Walk meet

Tuesday, 21st May


Gilstead Post Office

Wednesday, 22nd May


Warren Lane/Otley Rd roundabout

Thursday, 23rd May


Agincourt Drive/Arnhem Close by play area 

Friday, 24th May


Swan Avenue/Odette Court

You can also have a look at the website below for lots of ideas and information.


Mrs Rosano