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ESA Secret Santa Shop

10 December 2019 (by j.rosano)

Thursday, 19th September 2019

Thursday, 19th December 2019 - Whole School including Nursery

Please see the ESA Secret Santa Shop letter attached.

This is a lovely opportunity for your child to buy a gift/s for up to two important adults in their life. Gifts are £3.00 each. The teaching staff will bring your child to the hall during the morning so they can choose their gift/s.

Please read the letter and follow the instructions carefully as we want to avoid any upset or confusion on the day for your child. 

Your child will need to bring a carrier bag to school on 19th December. 

You can send Secret Santa Shop money in with your child from Wednesday 11th December should you wish your child to take part,

Please note this is not a mandatory event and we will presume your child is not taking part if no envelope is received.

Thank you

Your ESA Team