Eldwick Primary School

Progress Through Partnership


Extra-curricular Activity timetable for November and December 2019 below....

PLEASE NOTE: Tennis, cheer leading, street dance, and taekwondo will continue in January. Drama and Lego will continue but with different year groups invited.

OTHER SESSIONS LED BY VOLUNTEERS: In addition to the above clubs, we have a number of volunteers also who offer clubs. These are usually for targeted groups of children and are offered on a short term basis. Such sports sessions are generally seasonal or take place for a short period in the run up to a district sports event. Please see the bottom of the document below for a flavour of what we usually offer. Please note that these are subject to the availability of volunteers. IF YOU COULD VOLUNTEER TO OFFER AN EXTRA CURRICULAR SESSION PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH MRS HAGGAR AT SCHOOL.

Extra-curricular Activities