Eldwick Primary School

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Extra-Curricular Activities 

We are proud to offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities. However in a large school  with only one indoor space there are limits as to the number of places we can make available. Our after school activities finish at 4.30pm and our before school ones start at 8.00am.

We have two distinct types of extra-curricular activities:

Activities led by volunteers

These are free and are always popular so we usually invite targeted groups to attend these sessions. Such free activities usually run for a limited number of weeks, eg. a half term. They may culminate in a sports competition against other schools. Most are seasonal.

SAFEGUARDING: If your child needs to miss a session please inform the school office. We try our best not to cancel activities but if the activity leader is unavailable or if the weather is very bad we will need to cancel such an activity, this may happen on the day. The office will contact parents to make Please do not rely on these activities as child care.

Activities led by external providers.

Parents need to pay and book directly with the provider. In the main these run year round and are open to all Key Stage 2 children. Where we anticipate high demand we may limit the activity to a target age group and/or limit the activity to half a term. Providers rarely cancel. Outdoor activities tend to go ahead even in bad weather so please send your child with suitable clothing. If the hall is unavailable, indoor activities are usually accommodated elsewhere in school.

SAFEGUARDING: If your child needs to miss a session please inform the provider directly. Providers prefer not to cancel activities but if the leader is unavailable they might need to. The provider should inform you directly so please ensure you have given them up to date contact details. Please liaise directly with the provider regarding any carry forward of payments. Although providers rarely cancel, please do not rely on them for child care. 


Are there any extra-curricular activities for Key Stage 1? 

We are only able to offer limited extra curricular activities to Key Stage 1 children. This is mainly because we lack capacity but also because younger children find it difficult to focus on structured activities after school.

How will I know what activities are on offer for my child?

The Extra Curricular Timetable will be posted below and updated at least termly. In addition relevant clubs will be advertised to specific age groups and paper letters given to children who express an interest. This is particularly the case for activities led by volunteers that run for a limited half term period.

Why doesn't school offer more free activities?

Mainly because we lack volunteer adults. We would like to offer more clubs in music, drama and the arts as well as sports. If parents would like to set up an extra curricular activity please speak to Mrs Rosano in the first instance.

Help! I need child care before or after school

We have Sunrise and Sunset clubs providing before and after school child care. Please contact the school office for more information.