Eldwick Primary School

Progress Through Partnership


Our School Garden

Our School Garden is situated behind the tennis courts. We have also have a green house. Year groups have a raised bed in which they plant a variety of produce depending on the topic or theme of their learning.

The garden was re-located due to the building works so there is always lots to do there. If you are interested in helping with our garden do contact school.

Eldwick Hens April 2018

Eggciting News! Introducing our new hens

On the 17th April 2018 eight new hens arrived at Eldwick Primary.

They are different breeds with different plumage and egg colours. We have some real characters among them too! They have settled into their new home really well, the children are enjoying meeting them.

The children will have a chance to name them too. Look out for the display on the gallery with a name suggestion box.

Our old hens have been retired to the little wildlife area between our two car parks and are being kindly looked after by our caretaker, Mr Chapman. They are happy there and still laying a few eggs.

Egg Lottery

Please look out for your year group SchoolCal alert. Each year group looks after the hens one week in every nine. The children will visit the chickens, clean them out, feed them and collect any eggs. During this week they also have the the opportunity to win an egg or two in our Egg Lottery; send a donation in a sealed envelope marked with your child's name and EGG LOTTERY for a chance to win a freshly laid egg! All donations go towards the upkeep of the school hens. 

Introducing our lovely ladies:

This is a Warren hen, she lays brown eggs. She is a cheeky bird who runs straight to you when you arrive to feed the hens. She is really tame and seems to love people (or is it the food we bring!) She allows us to stroke her and is quite easy to pick up

Our black and ginger hen is a Black Rock she will lay coffee coloured eggs. She is much smaller that our old Black Rock hens.

Introducing our White Star hen, who as her name suggests lays large white eggs. She is a star as she lays most days already. She has a huge red comb on top of her head that shakes about as she walks..

This is our Fawn Araurcana who we hope will lay us olive green eggs.  She is really sweet natured and also allows us to stroke her. She has a really cute hair do too!         

Surprisingly the breed of this hen is Speckledy  and she lays toffee coloured eggs.       


This is our white Araucana hen, she lays blue eggs. She is really pretty but very shy, she keeps away from people.

The grey and black hens are Bluebells, they lay pinky/plum eggs. We have two, but can tell them apart as one has a gingery chest.


Just some of the eggs laid by the new hens - we hope you can see the different colours!