Eldwick Primary School

Progress Through Partnership


Music Garden


With help form an amazing group of parents, our Eldwick Music Garden was created.

Inspired by a similar project at a school in Hertfordshire, we created an exciting learning area that all children are able to use and enjoy. 

The Music Garden is situated in the copse area of the school grounds and it is available for all the children to use throughout the year. All the instruments were created from junk and recycled items and were based on ideas from the children. We held a competition and the winning designs had their instruments created. Each instrument has a plaque showing the designer's name and the name of their instrument.  

To create the Music Garden, our willing group of parents met over a series of Saturdays. We asked for donations of materials for the instruments and the Music Garden was built.

We need to maintain the Music Garden regularly so if you are interested in helping with this do contact school.

Phase 1

A hardy group of volunteers met one bright September morning to start to build the first instruments.

Ms Martin, Mr Willan, Mr Rowan, Mr Dean, Mrs Wooler and Miss Jessup.

(Mrs Hughes took the photo and Mr Malish helped in the afternoon)

Phase 2

One cold Saturday, the group met again with a few more willing volunteers

Mr Dean, Mr Willan, Mr Rowan, Mr Gallagher, Mr Malish, Miss Atkinson, Miss Jessup, Mr Jones and Mrs Roe, 




Pipe Dreams by Mia Welsh

Mia Welsh's Pipe Dreams instrument was one of the first to be made. Mia had made a scaled down version from straws to demonstrate how the instrument would look.

Mr Dean calculated how much plastic pipe was needed and Ms Martin supplied the wood to build the frame. Finished with pipe bends, the finished instrument looks fabulous and makes a great sound!

Pipes by Dylan Bryan

Dylan's Pipes design was very detailed and Mr Dean was able to work out how to build this instrument.

Once again Ms Martin supplied the wood and the volunteers set to work.

Dylan's Pipes are made from metal and make a great sound!



Mrs Kershaw's Xylophone

When the idea of the Music Garden was first raised, Mrs Kershaw had a vision of water containers creating a Xylophone.

Mr & Mrs Haxby supplied the containers and Mr Dean and Mr Rowan worked out how to create the instrument.

The containers are filled with varying amounts of water for another instrument with yet another range of sounds.

See-Saw Shakers by Isabella Crooks

Isabella designed a fun instrument that would add yet another sound range to the garden.

Nuts and bolts inside plastic tubing that can be tipped just like a see-saw. Having collected the materials, the next task was to work out how to build it.

Once again the team of volunteers used their creativity to reproduce this design and made three see-saw shakers!

They make a fabulous sound!



Olympic Garden by Adam Smith

(and big brother Thomas)

Adam and Thomas produced an amazing Olympic Garden and it is hope to incorporate elements of this design into the actual garden design.


Taking their Olympic Rings instrument, Mr Smith kindly supplied the metal rings and the volunteers built the wooden frame for them.

The finished result looks great and the rings add another sound dimension to the garden.