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SATs and Screening


KS2 SATs 2018 - 2019

The dates for the National KS2 SATs  2019 are Monday 13th May 2019 until Thursday 16th May 2019.

Test Date

English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Paper 1: short answer questions (45 minutes)

Paper 2: spelling (15 minutes)

Monday 13th May

English reading test

Paper 1: Reading comprehension (60 minutes)

Tuesday 14th May


Paper 1: arithmetic (30 minutes)

Paper 2: reasoning (40 minutes)

Wednesday 15th May


Paper 3: reasoning (40 minutes)

Thursday 16th May


Key Stage 1 tests 2018-2019 

 The Key Stage 1 SAT tests will be administered over the month of May 2019.                                                                               

Phonics Screening Check for Year 1 children in 2019

The phonics screening check for Year 1 children will take place week commencing Monday 10th June 2019.